Jul 31, 2019


Drug Addiction Help

When you or a loved one is suffering from a powerful drug addiction, the possibility of getting help and actually being able to stop using drugs might seem out of reach. Many people with drug addictions truly believe that they ..

Jul 19, 2019


Drug Addiction Recovery

Many people struggling with drug addiction think that recovery is nearly impossible for them. They’ve heard the horror stories of painful withdrawal symptoms, they can’t imagine life without drugs, and they can’t fathom actually being able to get through a ..

Jun 26, 2019

suffering from drug addiction

Drug Rehab. Do You Need It?

Drug Rehab: Do You Need It? Do you have an addiction? The question shouldn’t be hard to answer. There are fairly clear lines between an addiction and a casual behavior. According to substance abuse experts Chris and Pax Prentiss, founders ..

Jun 20, 2019


Living With an Alcoholic

In this article we’ll talk about things that you could do to make it more certain that your partner will do something about their drinking. As the partner of the drinker you should not fall into the trap of co-dependency, ..

Jun 12, 2019


The Social Cost of Cocaine Addiction

Social Cost of Cocaine Addiction Addiction of any sort is debilitating for the addict and very upsetting for the family and friends. Besides the risk to the addict, there are other even more far-reaching effects of cocaine addiction. Cocaine addiction ..

Jun 1, 2019


Substance Abuse-The Basics

Some people use substances for recreation or for the treatment of certain conditions, yet as they do so, they do not become addicted to them. Others do become emotionally and physically dependent on these substances. Substance abuse occurs because of ..

May 26, 2019


Tips for Friends and Family to Help the Addicted Person.

Addiction takes many forms and there are many different substances to which one may be addicted. If you believe that someone you know has a substance abuse issue, there are ways that you can assist them. There are a few ..

May 16, 2019

suboxone addicts treatment

Increase in Drug Use Shows Increase in Other Disease Processes

A recent report by the CDC ( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) gave us a little more insight into drug abuse and addiction. It underscored how addiction often collides with other health care issues. One that recently reared its ..