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Jan 12, 2020


Drug Addiction & Drug Abuse

Understanding Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse People take drugs for many reasons, but mostly to avoid dealing with the challenges of life by numbing the pain. Eventually drug use turns into drug abuse and finally to drug addiction. Most people ..

Jan 7, 2020


Empowering Recovery: Transforming Lives from Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Breaking Free From Alcohol and Drug Addiction with Compassionate Care Alcohol and drug addiction are complex issues that affect millions of individuals and families across the United States. At Alteri Behavioral Health, we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool ..

Nov 19, 2019

suboxone addicts treatment

Exploring Drug Replacement Therapy: A Path to Recovery with Suboxone Treatment

Opiate addiction is a profound and widespread challenge that has left its mark on millions of individuals in the United States and across the globe. The path to recovery from opiate addiction is riddled with formidable obstacles, often presenting a ..

Nov 13, 2019


Suboxone: A Lifeline to Lasting Recovery from Opioid Addiction

Unlocking Hope: The Long-Term Benefits of Suboxone (Buprenorphine and Naloxone) Treatment Suboxone is often associated with detoxification, seen as a means to alleviate the discomfort of opioid withdrawal. However, its true power lies in its role as a long-term solution ..

Oct 13, 2019

signs of drug addiction

What are the signs of drug addiction?

Facing the Reality: The Onset of Drug Abuse and Addiction It’s important to know the signs of drug addiction. Drug abuse is a universal concern, and it can strike anyone at any moment. The journey into drug addiction often starts ..

Sep 25, 2019


Dealing with Drug Addiction in the Family: Impact and Solutions

The Strain of Drug Addiction on Families When a family is dealing with drug addiction, it touches every member’s life. This article explores the profound effects of addiction on individuals and family dynamics. Drug addiction is a complex issue that ..

Sep 21, 2019


The Integral Role of Therapy in Overcoming Drug Addiction

Understanding the Battle of Drug Addiction Therapy plays a pivotal role in the complex battle against drug addiction. The influence of drugs extends beyond the physical realm, deeply affecting both the body and the mind. Overcoming addiction requires addressing not ..

Sep 16, 2019


Unveiling the Realities of Drug Addiction

In a world where drug addiction has become an ever-present challenge, understanding the facts is the first step toward change. Our aim is to shed light on the scale and impact of this issue, not to overwhelm, but to illuminate ..

Aug 21, 2019


The Many Facets of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a formidable adversary, a relentless craving for alcohol that often leads to compulsive consumption. The roots of this craving are the subject of ongoing debate, with theories ranging from chemical imbalances to genetic predispositions and even neurological effects ..

Aug 10, 2019

heroin addiction

Captive Minds and Broken Chains: Understanding the Grip of Heroin Addiction

  Heroin addiction is gripping our nation in a way never seen before. Heroin, known by its street aliases such as “smack,” “big H,” “horse,” and “hell dust,” is a potent and highly addictive opioid derived from morphine. This illicit ..